#1 Retail Marketing Tip

We know that it’s likely you’re scrambling to get ready for the rush of holiday season! And we also know it’s likely that you don’t have time to add anything to your schedule. But trust me, if you do this one thing, you can grow your sales & improve customer loyalty.  And if I told you it would only take about five minutes, would you do it?

You have an e-mail list, right? Either you’re capturing emails from customers who visit your site, or you might ask at the point of sale. Here’s what you need to do: Ask for your customer’s birthday.

That’s it!

Simple, I know. But what you can do with that information is potentially trans-formative.

Now that you have your customer’s birthday, there are two primary things you will want to do with that info to grow your sales. First, create a ‘birthday’ email for your customers. Research has shown that customers who receive an email on their birthday with a discount offer are 60% more likely to use that discount, versus customers who received the same exact discount in a non-birthday email. Recognizing your customer on their birthday cultivates more loyalty with that customer, and loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. Additionally, 62% of consumers feel that the brands that they’re most loyal to have not done enough to reward them. [1]

Adding a birthday email with a special discount offer will create a more personal connection with your customer, making them feel like they’re important to you. In return, they are more likely to take advantage of the offer that you send.

Build targeted customer profiles.

You can also use your customer’s birthday information to funnel them into targeted customer segments by age range. Customers are inundated with too much content and they’re filtering a lot of it out. The best strategy for reaching these customers is to serve them with highly targeted messaging.

From imagery to tone, you need to stop sending your 45-year old customers the same images and recommendations for your 19-year old customers. The desires, needs, and lifestyles of those customers are very different. One message will not resonate with the entire group. By speaking to your Millennial customers in their language, you will increase your engagement and conversion.  Similarly, by speaking to the needs and desires of your Gen X clients, you will also gain their loyalty.

And each demographic segment prefers different platforms to communicate. Many Millennials prefer to texting to emails, and are more likely to take advantage of an offer that is texted to them. However, Gen Xers still prefers to receive email offers.

But the birthday giving doesn’t stop there! If you are tracking your email segments and the items they’re clicking on, then you can begin to refine your product selections for those customers. This strategy can help you determine who likes what so that you and your buyer know exactly what to shop for at the next market.

What are you waiting for?

So, if you do only one thing this holiday season, it should be to capture your customer’s birthday. By knowing your customer’s birthday, you can create engagement, speak more effectively to your customers, and increase your sales. It’s that easy!



Kelly Koeppel is the President of K2forma, a strategy-driven creative agency founded in 2007. Ms. Koeppel, an award-winning designer, has created digital marketing campaigns, brand identities, signage, publications and events for numerous world-class corporations and organizations, including Metro Nashville Arts Commision, Tennessee Craft, Caterpillar, Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Rent-A-Center, Belk, The Chicago Board of Trade, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Lowe’s, and many more.


Originally posted on k2forma’s blog.